How to make a rafter system without a ridge?

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We installed the rafters on the log cabin without a ridge because the project has an interior balcony there. Because of the project there is an inner balcony. From this the top of the gable hangs out.

Please advise who knows how to make the right rafter system and fix the pediment. Prepare for soft roofing. More rafters themselves are nailed to the logs, it seems to me this is wrong.

Should I put a sliding system on the ridge-free rafter system?




You have made a temporary roof, so you have to wait for the main shrinkage of the log cabin, although something tells me that the rafters on this span are not passing loads, + a high probability of extrusion walls (left side of the picture).

The best way – is to redo the rafters, and make the ridge over the inner wall, even if the roof becomes asymmetrical.

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