How to fix the situation if the stairs are not properly concreted?

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Our staircase was supposed to be the centerpiece. It is concreted and we have made the coating in self-performance of the known carpenter.

Actually, according to the construction plan, the stairs should be concreted up to the upper floor. Unfortunately, the last step was "forgotten" and now we have as the last step concrete, polystyrene, screed and tile with underfloor heating. The construction company thinks that was just so handhabe of the concreter and is fine. Since we wanted to make the stair covering itself, we must take care that the conclusion is beautiful. We find absolutely no way to make this end of the stairs rudimentary beautiful, let alone stable. The tiler of the house company would not help us because he could never give a guarantee on the conclusion.

What to do? We want to make the stairs below still with concrete optic plaster under the steps.




My suggestion is to install a rigid, thin plaster base in front of the top riser and plaster it.Qboard boards are available in 4 mm thickness, for example. If the floor would deform so much under pressure load, then the tiles and joints would also crack.


I'm in my third house now and every staircase so far has looked i.W. like yours. Solutions were different. With tiled stairs simply a tile would come in front of it. In your case 3mm Jakodur or similar and then adjust with concrete filler.

Apart from that, I find the last step to the upper floor very high.


You could also tile 5 mm over the edge and plaster the top riser (with a backing material) with concrete look plaster.

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