How to insulate the floor on the ground floor of a prefabricated house with the lowest possible thickness?

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What is the best technology? The thing is that during the renovation a cement screw was made without insulation. Above is a laminated floor. Floor is cold as ice, you need to raise its temperature by at least a few degrees, without using heating. It is no longer possible to remove the screed – the question is how to raise the floor with a minimum stroke. 2 cm dry screed + 2 cm gypsum fiberboard? Very thin joists + 2 cm plasterboard? Only gypsum fiberboard on the concrete in 2 layers and laminate on top? What technology can give a minimal rise and still add a few degrees?



Lay Eps as insulation, if the screed is flat, then the laminate flooring can be put directly on the insulation.

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