Which type of underfloor heating is healthier – electric or water pipe?

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Which is healthier (and why)?

Underfloor heating with an electric mat or underfloor heating with a water pipe (running water – geopathogenic zones)?

  • I don't think either one is ideal, my problem is that I have vein problems and the heat from below is not good at all. My legs are always heavy and I have to lift my legs up. If I had known that, I would have preferred to do without this form of heating.
  • On the face of it, it seems better to say that heating with water is better than heating with electricity. But what about water breakthroughs?



Either way, I prefer water.

For me, the only option would be a heating system using water, because we are already exposed to enough smog from electrical systems and appliances.


Why do you always want to abuse air as a heating medium? Underfloor heating is the worst air heating. The healthiest heating for humans is radiant heating. With heating tape along exterior walls, you can forget about insulation. 

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