How to repair chipped parquet?

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In my new rented apartment, a small piece of parquet (only about 3 cm long, oiled oak plank, see photo) chipped off in one place from the transition between the hallway and the living room.

What is the best way to repair the parquet? Could filling with wood putty be the solution to the problem? Which one would you recommend, and do you need to sand and oil the spot on the parquet afterwards?

  • I wouldn't repair every spot...



Oiled parquet loses its appearance very quickly, it will never be as beautiful as new.

Hard wax putty is the way to go, no need to cry over every scratch, after 3 years the floor will still look "different".


Hard wax putty. It is also used by floorers for minor repairs. You can buy it at any hardware store.

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