How to solve the problem of expansion joints in panoramic windows/patio doors?

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We have parquet and laminate flooring installed in our house. Since we have a lot of floor to ceiling windows, I was wondering how you solved the expansion joint problem? Those aluminum profiles are too bulky for me. I've seen some people use square bars of wood, but it's almost impossible to match the glaze to the color of the floor.

  • Just caulk it with silicone.
  • Use polyurethane instead of silicone.
  • I have wall moldings just glued to the window sill. I suspect this is done to cover the expansion joint.



First of all, it is necessary to answer the question of whether the screed is heated or unheated. Related to this answer is the width of the joint, although it is less significant at this point. I propose the following solution:

1) The movement joint(s) should be loose! If necessary, scrape and remove particles with a vacuum cleaner.

2) You get a metal end profile (L-shaped) to suit your taste and the furnishings of your home.

3) Place the profile body "dry" on the edge of the screed (adjacent to the window elements) and make certain adjustments.

4) Once there is a plan of what it should look like (please consider the required joint widths), the support leg is glued to the screed with reaction resin. Now we have a good finish for the moment.

5) Take a so-called "joint filler profile", preferably square (not round), corresponding to the width of the joint, and insert it there flush with the surface of the end profile. This is only "pressed in", i.e. not glued in!

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