Is it true that you can't install underfloor heating in the bedroom?

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I would like to know your opinion on underfloor heating. My parents have underfloor heating in the hallway and kitchen in their house. When they built the house, they were told they couldn't install underfloor heating in the bedrooms and children's rooms, so they don't have it in those rooms either. What do you think? Is it true that underfloor heating is not installed there? And for what reason?



No, that's nonsense. It depends on when your parents built the house. Underfloor heating systems were different (in part) in the past than they are today. Because in the past they were planned to keep your feet warm, but today they are planned to heat homes.


Guess what happens in today's cramped homes if you don't have heating in your bedroom..... namely mold.

Not only is ventilation important, but so is heating. In our apartment (ETICS) we didn't heat the bedroom the first month it was below freezing. After 1.5 months, we got mold stains in the top corner and above the window all over the side of the window.

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