Can I install a fireplace on vinyl flooring?

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We actually want to install a "click" vinyl flooring. We were also planning on installing a fireplace. Now I've read that we shouldn't put a fireplace on vinyl because vinyl doesn't tolerate heat well.

Is this true? Do you have any experience? What if I put in another separation plate (glass or steel)? Is that still not enough?



We have a fireplace on click vinyl (backed version). We don't have a problem (at least our fireplace has a wood compartment at the bottom that doesn't get hot).

According to the appropriate data sheet, the combustion chamber or stove must be a certain distance in all directions from combustible materials.

You definitely can't do without a glass plate when using click vinyl.


The area around a solid fuel fireplace (where embers can also form and exit the combustion chamber during filling) must be protected by a non-combustible backing.

The presence or absence of a residual trace beneath the surface of the fireplace installation is immaterial because it is not visible.

The danger comes from glowing components that can escape from the fireplace and create a fire hazard.

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