How do you make a split screed if you haven't built room dividers yet?

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There are a number of rooms in the apartment, where the partitions will be plasterboard and will be built after the screed. But I want to make the screed not as a single circuit, but divided by rooms so that between them on the screed was damper tape.

In this case, how to make a screed, if there are no partitions? Has anyone done this before?

  • How thick is your screed and on what base?
  • from 70 to 90 mm, on the monolithic slab.
  • Why don't you want to do a single screed?
  • 1. A single screed is much more prone to cracking. 2. A single screed transmits sounds and vibrations very strongly, which is why you have to separate it with damping tape, among other things.



Make foundations, for example of brick or concrete on the formwork, under the future partitions and then pour screeds in each room.

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