What do you think about polyurethane flooring at home?

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We are currently planning to build our family home, so far it has been clear that the house would have hardwood flooring. We came across polyurethane flooring in the vacation home while on vacation. The flooring was very nice and visually very nice.

We especially liked the "soft tread", the maintenance, and the lack of joints. We are now thinking of using it throughout the house.

Has anyone bought a manufactured floor like this into the house, are there any issues we are still unaware of?

  • What do you mean by polyurethane flooring? Is it some kind of coating? But it's not vinyl flooring, is it? (They can be glued or clicked like laminate).



We put epoxy flooring/coating in our basement (visually similar). The main advantage of polyurethane is better UV resistance, but that wasn't important to us in the basement and in a light gray color.

PU is much more expensive, labor costs are a big part of the price. The coating is about 3 mm thick (or thicker, depending on the condition of the substrate).

We are very happy with EP in the basement. I have no experience with polyurethane, but it will work at least as well. If I didn't care about the price, I would certainly be happy with the white polyurethane flooring in the living room.

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