Is it possible to use tile glue as a floor screed?

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I'm renovating the loggia, have prepared it for finishing work, removed the old screed. It was a big slope so water could roll down. The base of the floor is very uneven, porous, with small stones in the concrete.

We need to level the floor. Came up with the idea to screed from the tile adhesive. Can you tell me if you can do the screed with tile glue (about 3 cm) thick? Does it crack over time?

Another question, for example, I put a screed of tile glue, leveled the floor. How else can it be insulated? Put EPS on top?



Let me tell you about my experience.

In my house, the builders decided to use glue as a finishing screed. As a result, there were cracks, and at the intersection of the glue came off the screed.

The thickness of the layer is up to 20mm. All will be removed and pour a filler floor.


Refer to the instructions on the package. Each adhesive has its own maximum layer. Otherwise it will crack.


You can, but you need a good primer.

Also keep in mind that tile glue gives good shrinkage. You may have to lay in two steps. When insulating, Eps is usually placed under the screed, but at 3 cm I do not even know how to do this.

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