How to arrange the electric underfloor heating with insulation?

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There is an unheated basement under our kitchen (1954 house). What will the proper installation of the floor look like now when installing heated floors? For now, the old floor remains in place. There are 2 layers of tiles on top of each other, I've seen that before. We don't have a wood floor, but some sort of concrete beams (like concrete cassettes with voids) with rebar.

My understanding:

When the tiles are completely removed, no doubt the insulation layer will need to be installed first. Right? I would prefer drywall. I would install electric heat on top of the insulation and then install the tile. Right? Important: The construction has to be able to withstand the kitchen.

Do you have any tips for me on proper construction? 



When using an underfloor heating system in an old building, the key is to fit as much insulation as possible into a small space. Deconstruct, then I would test the construction XPS boards to see if it fits the load of the kitchen. Then you don't need additional screed, you can tile directly or put a heating system in between. Alternatively or additionally, you should also insulate the basement ceiling (in all rooms), if the height of the ceiling in the basement allows.

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