What to do about the darkened oak steps in the new house?

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The new wooden staircase (I think oiled oak) was covered in the middle with painter's fleece for 14 days for protection. Today the fleece came off and we were shocked to find that the uncovered edges on the right and left had darkened.

Should or can something be done about it? Will the middle part of the steps darken in 14 days to match again, or will it take longer? Or will I always see the difference?

The stair builder saw the coating when installing the railing and unfortunately didn't say a word about it darkening so quickly.

  • That's what happens with wood, it always levels out.



It's not a problem, it will adjust itself after a while.

  • Thanks – you were right. I went back to the house today and took an extra look at it. For those who don't know, you can't see any difference right now. 
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