Why does residual moisture in the screed not disappear even after 2 months?

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I poured a screed with water underfloor heating a few months ago, total thickness 70 mm. After a month I poured screed (the first time – I made a mistake) and after another month I re-filled the floor.

I have put laminate, but not everywhere. Some time later I saw that the joints on the laminate are a bit gone, so I decided to remove the strip and reinsert when removed and there is a lot of moisture. The floors have been in place for 2 months and the moisture is not going away. Just today I took off a piece of film that was installed 2 days ago and there is moisture dripping out.

What should I do? If I put laminate down, the moisture will build up again.

  • So you should have warmed up the floors, and then put the laminate flooring in.
  • 1.5 months working without laminate, and the moisture is not completely gone.
  • Are you sure that the floor heating is not leaking?
  • Yeah, it's a one-piece metal pipe, it's been under pressure for a couple of weeks.
  • Was it pressurized before the screed, or did you pressurize it afterwards?
  •   Before the screed was poured.

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