How to keep the floors warm in a wooden house without insulation?

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Beam house with natural moisture (winter wood), 300 mm thick strip foundation.

From the floor to the residue 400 (approximately). I do not want to insulate the floor, I just want a basement and boards. Well, of course, on the boards to plywood and laminate on top. What can be done so that the floor in this form is not completely cold? Help insulate the foundation, blind area, expanded clay on the floor under the floor? What other options are there?



I have a 400 m wide strip, a 1 m high basement of blocks on the strip, half of the foundation is covered with earth, more sand, so that it is about 50 cm to the foundations, under the second half of the house is a basement, 1.8 m to the foundations. Foundation basement is insulated with EPS from the outside, a warm blind area (soft), the foundation without vents. I do not complain about the floor temperature, because if the house is kept at a normal temperature, the floor will also be normal.


Of course, it is preferable to insulate floors, because without insulation it will be much colder. But insulating the basement and louver area will give an effect, about 100 mm XPS on the louver area and the basement, protecting against freezing, and the temperature is a little more comfortable. The disadvantage of expanded clay is that it absorbs moisture.

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