What to do if you made a mistake and took a wet larch log (50/50) for the floor joists?

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Just happened to bring in and accept the wet lumber for the floor lag. Already brought it into the house. Spread out on the floor, the house is warm. We will go through the anchors (stud) – logs – further on the tongue and groove board 28.

What do you think – we need to let the planks rest (there are a lot of wet) or you can start to mount? If I lie down, then about a day, a week or a month? And how bad is it all?




The bars you have are not suitable for the lags. No matter how dry it is, no matter how wet.

PS – maybe sew vertically 2 or 3 pieces ? (as an option from hopelessness). As long as they are wet and not twisted. As they dry, half of them will warp into firewood, that's 100%. Do not pound the nails – you will bend the nails and damage the larch.

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