What should be the laying direction of the WPC on the outdoor terrace?

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Can you lay WPC parallel to the house for a covered terrace? 

For some reason we think it's nicer. Of course, it will get water on it from the side. Does anyone have any experience with this?

  • Even if the patio has a roof, the following is possible. If it rains right, the water splashes off the ground or rains sideways. What if a log drifts in overnight in winter and the wind blows? It warms up and thaws out during the day.... Even with a roof, the wind and bad weather gets on it, even if it's more protected.



A slope of about 2% per meter should be provided for the patio. Rain or condensation water must flow away from the house, which is impossible if the gutters run parallel to the house. The slope and the direction of water flow are not the same. I would lay it as intended.

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