How to lay tiles on rubble on a terrace?

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 This will be a terrace facing a corner (southwest terrace) of about 90 square meters. The description of the house (construction work) includes a gravel backfill that ends about 20 cm below the finished terrace height, which gives me an opportunity to install crushed stone or something similar. I would like to lay 90 x 90 tiles 2 cm thick.

Is this possible on gravel and do I need so-called spacers or hub bearings?

  • A tiler we trust advises against rubble and recommends using support posts. The reason for this is probably because large tiles tend to stick together.
  • We have split bearings, so the tiles don't sound hollow like they do with leg bearings.



You can do it no problem, but seal it properly first.

  • Is this possible with a 90 x 90 tile and only 1 cm thick or does the tile have to be a certain thickness?
  • In my opinion, crushed stone is only meant to level 3 to 5 cm. If your builder is building a 20cm house, you will have to fill in about 12cm of gravel in between or build the house directly above. A thickness of 1 cm breaks down too quickly. 2cm is the standard. 
  • I have no experience (yet) myself. However, I have been advised to use at least 3 cm thick slabs for paving. Slabs that are 1 cm thick have to be glued together.

I would also recommend a thickness of 2-3 cm. They hold up better due to their own greater weight.

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