What should be the size of the windows to make them look modern?

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As we walk through the new complexes, we increasingly notice that the windows are getting wider and smaller in height.

We have also noticed a trend toward glazing in the corners.

Overall, we like this shape and would like to incorporate it into our new construction if possible.

However, I have no idea what the dimensions of these windows are. Our current apartment has mostly double-paned windows that are ~160 cm wide, the sill is about 1 m high, and the windows are ~1.3 m high. This, of course, makes the individual windows look taller than they actually are.

At what height do you install windows in such a new building? What are the "normal" dimensions if you want it to look modern?

In general, should they look wider rather than taller, or square?

  • Windows should match the style of the house!



Well, you might want to take a look at some rooms from the inside. BRHs of 120 to 150 cm are often installed, so especially small people can't look out the window properly anymore.

Of course, there are rooms where this is appropriate, but I think it's terrible in the kitchen, at least with a BRH over 130 cm. You can also live in the basement.

Small children have no way to look out the window.


We have all our windows except the bathrooms at full room height. I thought the trend was going in that direction too. We like it anyway.


I like the opposite, tall and narrow. Our windows on the first floor are almost all 1.5m high, about 1m wide and a few with gables, only below 1m we made one-piece. The sill height is 70 cm with a finished floor. What I like most about these square 1m x 1m windows is that almost every house here, we didn't build anything like that here, and where there was one or similar, we changed the window openings. For example, the old conservatory had some 1.5m x 1.5m windows, now there are 1m wide and 1.8m high windows with a 40cm high window sill.


Some questions directed at "standard windows." The clear answer: there is no such thing. The design determines the windows, the window manufacturer makes them according to the size.

The height (sill), on the other hand, meets some standard. Usually a minimum height is prescribed for floors 2 and above, but it can be lowered (in this case you need to protect against falling), and the top edge of the window is often the height of the ceiling minus the roller shutter box. Roller shutter box.

In my opinion, whether a house looks "modern" also depends on the overall design. This is where the architect has to come in. Overall, a lot of glass and a lot of steel looks modern (but is the entrance to the Louvre still modern today? Is Berlin's main station modern?).

You have to know what is important to you. I would come from the inside: Lots of light where it makes sense; area and privacy where it makes sense. Then pay attention to the views. And if necessary, go back to the beginning. ... If you find "your" house in the catalog, build it. If not, you should contact an architect.

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