How to prevent onduline roof fading?

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After two years, the roof of onduline began to loose color, what happened? How to save, to prevent complete fading? What tips for maintenance?



 I'm afraid that there is no way to stop the process of burning out ondulin. Ondulin is pressed waste paper plus fiberglass, which after pressing is dyed and then impregnated with purified bitumen. As manufacturers assure us, dyes are organic, ie by their nature of light-resistant, but think about it, where is it so much organic to pick up, to hundreds of tons of manufactured products to paint? Most likely the first batch really were with organic dyes, and then the usual principle of the market: "do not cheat – do not sell. Unfortunately, the process of decay of pigments from the action of ultraviolet rays can neither be prevented nor restored. Theoretically, there is an acrylic varnish with UV filters, but it is not designed for ondulin. Try some small area of the roof they cover, if ondulin "befriend" with varnish and stop burning out then you can and then paint the whole roof. But only I've seen on sale this varnish toned brown.


Indeed, ondulin has such a disadvantage. Raisin roofing is also not good tolerates heat, as a consequence – loses its rigidity. Winter is also not for the benefit – as it becomes brittle. In addition to all of the above disadvantages – ondulin well burns. But do not get upset. Due to its low cost, ondulin – ideal for a couple of years, but for the overhaul is not suitable. In your case, it remains only to paint (and after some time to change to a better material).

  • Actually, it's more expensive than iron. What's a better quality material as for you?
  • I am not an expert on this part, in my personal opinion, what is more often advised is profiled flooring or metal tiles. The only thing is not to rattle when it rains, you will need all this stuff soundproofing, although whether it will rattle also depends on the slope of the roof, if the angle is sufficient, then everything will be okay.
  • I would also add that metal – this is a kind of noble decking, but when installing you need to be very careful not to bend the sheets, as it will break the protective polymer layer (but this is more of a recommendation for thin sheets, but they are different). Once again, this is my subjective opinion.
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