How to fix the slope of the curbs around the house?

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I am looking for a reasonable solution to the following problem:

I have installed deep curbs (4x9m) and have already filled the inside with mineral concrete to place patio slabs in them. Now I noticed that – I don't know how this could have happened – the slope of the low curbs is 2% toward the wall of the house. The patio is 36 m², half of which will be covered. What can I do now to prevent future damage?

Demolishing the low bricks and installing new ones will take a long time, and that should be the last solution. Thoughts go in the direction of separating the low curbs with a diamond disc for trim (with a slope away from the house wall) – which, of course, causes an unsightly surface. Then the gutter in front of the house wall, etc.

I would be very happy if you have some great advice for me? :)

  • Attach a photo, it's hard to understand without it. But it would probably be better to buy everything new. 

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