What windows muntin are best for cottages in country style?

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We have actually pretty much finished planning our little house, only with the windows we are still quite undecided. We like muntin windows very much and we would like to have a cozy cottage in modern country style. But the muntins should not look cheap. We have very simple plastic windows. Interior muntins would be of course super easy to maintain but do not they seem a little authentic and a bit cheap? What do you think?

How do you find our south view (is self-created, we are just trying something around )




Unfortunately a bit wild ... on the one hand the vertical lines due to right or left alignment of the windows, but then again staggered lines due to the window sashes.

And interior muntins I really don't think are great at all. Real window dividing muntins are certainly the most valuable. If it's done well, attached muntins are just fine, too.


I think the view is hideous, and that a choice should be made: "muntins" OR "mixed salad of freely scaled formats". The windows and French doors shown here have no common "denominator" beyond the "rectangle" shape genre, no repeating modular dimension of the individual pane field areas. This confusion is further emphasized by muntins.

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