Is vinyl suitable for underfloor heating?

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We prefer laminate/vinyl throughout the house and want to install vinyl, especially in the bathroom. We were advised by a specialty store to give up vinyl because of underfloor heating. Vinyl breaks down at floor temperatures over 28 degrees. Is this true?

Do any of you have vinyl in your bathroom and how did you install it? Floating or glued down? We wanted to lay it floating and then seal the sides with silicone seams. Is it possible to do that?

  • Vinyl in the bathroom goes, why not, it's not a sauna, but please, in damp areas it is fully adhered and seals well around the edges. The parquet guy must know what he's doing, but then the vinyl goes up the wall a bit instead of the baseboard, with round coving.



So, 1. We glued vinyl everywhere except the bathroom (because of the floor level shower).

2. it doesn't matter if the floor can withstand more because you don't usually heat above 28° anyway....

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