How to install self-adhesive vinyl on screed?

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We are planning to do self-adhesive vinyl in some rooms of our new building (with underfloor heating). The base of the floor is a cement screed. Now, after initial research, I'm confused about subfloor preparation, as well as any impact soundproofing (or is this only necessary for vinyl flooring?).

My questions are:

1. Does the screed under the self-adhesive vinyl need to be treated with a leveling compound over the entire surface anyway?

2. If so, what will happen to the expansion joints in the screed? How do I protect them?

3. What happens if I don't use a leveling compound?

4. What comes after the leveling compound? Directly self-adhesive vinyl or other impact soundproofing?



Tack vinyl absolutely does not forgive any unevenness. Everything has to be very smooth or you will see right through it. As far as I know, "walking comfort" is no better with glued vinyl because vinyl is very soft and flows like 70's linoleum.

Laminate is a better choice, in my opinion.


The questions are very general. My screed layer is very precise and leveling is not required with vinyl, it self-adjusts. I don't know your situation. If it is very uneven, leveling is necessary, otherwise a primer will do. When you say screed, do you mean floor slab? Then there is no need for impact soundproofing. Vinyl tends to be very quiet.


Vinyl by itself muffles the sound of footsteps, doesn't take up much space, and is easy to install even for a non-professional. You don't even have to make it self-adhesive, regular floating installation is very good. But because it is very thin and easy to adapt, it shows irregularities (which it shouldn't) such as dents, bumps and the like. With regular click vinyl, no primer is necessary. And if the screed surface is really that bad, just prime it. My advice! Click vinyl is really good.

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