How and what to seal cracks in the wooden facade during restoration?

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There is an old country house. First I wanted to finish the house siding. But here is a great desire to restore the old. Log house, covered with clapboard. A test cleaning showed that all this time the facade has been painted once(!) and is easily removable. The linings, as far as I know, are cedar.

Well, I really want to keep the platbands. But the wood is cracked because of age. Where the joints parted. I think all should be sanded. Then cover with Tikkurila.

Do I need a primer? How and what to seal the cracks?



You just have to sand a lot. And do not forget about the first primer coat.


Old paint in addition to sanding still can be removed with a paint remover, for example – a remover for removing old paint coatings "Elkon C", applied with a brush roller, sprayer – inherently acid – softens the old paint – in 20 minutes after application it is necessary to scrape – for example yes a grinder, but only in 20-30 minutes – not later – if you leave for half a day, the acid will dry out and the paint will harden back.

When you get rid of the old paint, the surface will need to dedust and degrease.

Seams and cracks can be sealed with putty or wood sealer. When the putty dries, you can paint. You can paint with enamel – it will completely cover everything.

You can paint on the system toning antiseptic + varnish – but only antiseptic dark or green shade to hide the green color, such as rosewood, walnut, teak.

Antiseptic will protect the wood from fungus and insects and stain it, and varnish will additionally protect against atmospheric precipitation.


Sand the surface with a sander, apply Pinotex primer and tint with Pinotex Ultra.

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