How to place windows to make the facade look more attractive?

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In the attachment you can see a photo of how the front of our house is currently planned. Unfortunately, my girlfriend doesn't really like it optically. She would like to change the arrangement of the windows. We just don't know how.

Do you have any ideas or tips on how to make the front view more appealing?

I know, of course, you don't know what rooms are behind it, but you probably don't consider that first, just the visual aspect.

  • Why are the upper left and right windows at different heights (parapet)?
  • First of all, the windows are too small.



First of all, we paid attention to the arrangement of windows according to the needs, such as furniture, lighting in the room, privacy protection in the bathroom, etc.  Subsequently, we then devoted ourselves to the appearance and got a good result for ourselves.


It doesn't annoy me if the windows are not ruler aligned, so I wouldn't mind a different sill height; I find it relaxing.

But why are all the windows so small? Is it the side facing the street and you deliberately want to give little information? Then you can use more stylish windows. Narrower ones that can be taller, that is, not the normal parapet height, but taller ones that give light from above but are not visible from outside. So-called light strips. But then they would have to be planned longer.

If privacy is not an issue, I would make the windows bigger overall.

But generally I find such a facade more relaxed than windows which are always symmetrical and strictly arranged one below the other. But that's a matter of taste.

It would be interesting to see what the other facades look like. It has to fit together somehow. If the other three facades look more like an urban villa, then the facade doesn't match the rest of the house. If the other facades also have a loose design, it fits.


 The windows depend on the room, floor plan and orientation, so very little can be recommended here.

It is noticeable, however, that the windows on the left and right are very close to the outside wall ... the right strip of windows seems to float senselessly -> wrong lintel height?

Is this a do-it-yourself design?


Without a floor plan, room usage, etc. you can't recommend anything. And unfortunately, I have to say that your girlfriend is right – it doesn't look good.


First of all, I would first plan the floor plan of the house, then the windows or patio doors you want there and their location, and only at the end would I look at what it looks like outside. Then I would compare each change to the floor plan. For example, you wouldn't want to have a floor-to-ceiling window in the bathroom just because it looks good from the outside.

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