Is it better to use plugs for baby safety outlets or built-in protection?

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Unfortunately, we didn't order it directly, so our outlets in the children's rooms have no special protection, but are just regular standard outlets. But before I put those plastic plates in, I was wondering if the outlet insert could be changed here?



Because of our children, we first used the glued plastic plates as child locks in the outlets around the house. They gradually came loose, so they were unreliable. They also reduce the coverage of the electrical contacts because the plug can no longer be fully inserted.

Since one of our kids is a "particularly curious boy who likes to experiment," I quickly retrofitted the outlets offered by the outlet manufacturer with touch guards for our entire house.

Compared to the plastic plates, they offer more safety in another respect: it is impossible to overcome only one of the two touch guards. Both touch guards must always be pressed at the same time, or both will be blocked.

All of this costs money. Exaggerated or not, it gives us and our children a much greater sense of security regarding outlets throughout the house. Throughout the house.

We wish the electrician had offered us this option when we built the house. We think it's important!


I would do it not only in the nursery, but everywhere. We've had them everywhere for four and a half years.


Since you don't need protection permanently, temporary protection is fine. We had these plastic inserts and could even give them away to other families later.

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