I'm choosing a color for the outside of the windows. Who has experience with gray slate?

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Now we are deciding what color to paint the window frames, front door and roof.

For now, we have settled on white inside and RAL 7015 slate gray outside for the windows.

We put the fan of window colors next to the fan of facade colors, next to the shutters/blinds and exterior window sills and matched them.

Have any of you also chosen this color and can tell us about your experiences regarding the blue shade.



 The slate gray color basically has no blue tint to it. With aluminum windows the color tones are durable, with plastic windows (except Gealan) films are common if gray tones are desired. This can vary considerably.

In any case, matching windows and tiles in the "same" tone should be done with caution, first in terms of accuracy of matching and second, in terms of the durability of that sameness.


We originally wanted anthracite RAL 7016, but now prefer a slightly lighter gray for the windows, front door and garage. Telegrey 2 RAL 7046 seems like a very neutral medium gray to me.


We have chosen basalt gray RAL7012. Even if it is to be enjoyed as already said with caution, here is a photo.

We chose it because anthracite would have been too dark for us. A great solution, we think.

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