What color and type of window film to choose?

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We want to order new windows. Regarding color, we are still fluctuating between RAL 7016 and DB703. Also, should we use smooth film or structured film? Allegedly smooth should be very delicate.

What color and type of film do you have and what experience do you have with it? Since we will be using exterior blinds, the color of the slats is also up for discussion. We are fluctuating between white and gray aluminum. What color do you have?

  • You have to know what color you want. For something like this, you draw inspiration from new areas of development. It would be ideal to drive through a few new development areas first and see examples of installed windows.
  •  You won't believe it, but we did it several times. But my wife's determination leaves a lot to be desired.



White is the standard color and most have it because it is usually the cheapest. Anthracite is quite a lot right now, too, and a lot of people take it.

If you know the premium for a color other than white, you just have to consider whether the premium is worth it. What you get is very visible in new areas of development.

Whether you choose a color to be charged extra for, and if so, which one, also depends a lot on the color of the clinker/stucco. White stucco with white windows, for example, certainly doesn't look right.


We ordered the windows in basalt gray and the exterior blinds, including the guides, in the same color.

I would take the DB shade – it looks great. But it would cost more – also if you want the front door and garage door to be the same color afterwards.


Keep in mind that the darker color looks good, but also heats up more.

As for the surface, we didn't choose a smooth surface because scratches are very difficult to remove.


In our case, the color RAL7016 was installed.

Our window manufacturer also did not recommend a "smooth" film and recommended a textured film. This would make it easier to repair in case of scratches. However, since we didn't like it, we settled on aluminum clad windows and have been perfectly happy with them so far.

In direct comparison to our friends with foil frames, our window frames look much better.

Also, the color of the window frames now completely matches the color of the front door and garage door.

If you look closely, you'll see combinations in new construction areas that will make you shake your head.

The downside: Of course, it costs extra.

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