What to do with wet masonry so it doesn't crack?

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We built walls of warm ceramic, brick cladding. The contractors let us down with the roof. While making a temporary roof-interior walls of brick soaked up water, some places are completely wet, and even whole pieces of the wall. Monolithic concrete ceilings, (poured on the basis of the metal beams and boards flush between the beams) are also soaked with water. What to do? How to fix the situation so the masonry is not cracked? And the material itself?



No big deal, I have two floors without a loft overwintering, only the masonry turned white, the main thing is that the frost is not gone with puddles, making the outflow. 


I think nothing will happen if you have now covered, will have time to air out, here people leave the aerated concrete for the winter without a roof and without consequences. 

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