Brusbox 60 aero vs Veka whs-60

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I need budget windows for the cottage. Offered the same price for these two profiles. What to give preference? Do Brusbox three chambers and the thickness of plastic 2.5 mm. Veka has four chambers and a thickness of 2.7 mm.

I could not find information about the core. Which one is thicker?

Openings are non-standard, you need three large windows: the height of the opening of 187cm, width 100cm. Will these profiles hold that size?



If I were you, I would opt for Rehau thermo, Kaleva pro, Veka euroline.


Approximately the same price range, but much better quality Veka euroline. It has thicker walls of pvc (3mm, not 2.7mm in whs60) and closed reinforcement, although also 1.4 thick (not u-shaped in whs60).

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