Is it possible to combine aluminum and plastic windows in one house?

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We are planning a sliding window of at least 4 m in the living room and possibly a glazed bay window. The height of the glazing should be at least 2.30 m. According to the window manufacturer, the windows should

be made of aluminum, as plastic cannot withstand such large windows. Therefore, all other windows in the house should also be made of aluminum, so that everything visually blends together. Another specialty store told us that the large elements of the window in the living room can be made of aluminum and the rest of the windows can be made of plastic. If you choose the same gray color, then visually they will also match each other. Can you do that, or do aluminum windows and plastic windows look silly together in the same house?



I wouldn't consider it a bad thing – it's just a matter of taste. But 2.30m height isn't a problem for plastic... ours is 2.42cm.

  • We were told by two different companies that you can't make plastic windows that size. It would not be stable enough, the sliding element would weigh several hundred pounds. I can understand that, but the question is, is it so necessary to make all the windows in the house aluminum? An aluminum window is supposed to cost about twice as much, so it does make a difference.

We have both. Plastic windows over 230 cm tall and aluminum construction for the windows and sliding door (even different colors). No one in our house has asked this question, and aluminum or plastic doesn't affect anyone.

In our apartment, I only discovered during the construction phase of the house that one window was plastic, not wood.

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