Can a vapor barrier be installed if there is condensation on the ceiling? Or does the moisture have to escape 100% from the suspended ceiling?

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Have added to the home about 30 sqm (living room). The roof is finished (flat roof). Have already partly equipped the intermediate rafters with clamping felt. Next I wanted to apply the vapor barrier to the rafters. Now I noticed today that on the wall to the ceiling are water drops. I think this is condensation because the room is still quite damp.

Is it advisable to apply the vapor barrier now or should the moisture be 100 percent out of the false ceiling?



Why is the room so damp then? I assume because it is not heated yet? Or because the screed is still drying?

Personally, I wouldn't bag it if it's still that wet in there. In addition, you should then also be very, very sure that the wetness is really condensation and not coming from outside.

  • Yes, the masonry is still partially damp, hence the dampness in the room. Have now run a construction dryer. I will also wait until it is completely dry and then close.
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