What is needed to install plastic windows and an aluminum door in silicate masonry?

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I ordered the first Alphaline 90 plastic windows with VEKA and Winkhaus profiles for my extension. I also ordered an aluminum door. Now I would like to install them and also seal them properly. I have already plastered the pipes after cutting the holes. The seam width is 5-10mm on each side.

I have now read that there is sealing tape and compression tape. Which one makes sense and what is needed. What about compression tape and construction foam? What kind of foam should be used for this? There is special window foam and door foam available. Do you prefer any particular company?

I would also like to use sealing material for the new KLB brick building.



No foam, just apply tape to the outside, then screw the window with masonry screws, put insulation in between, and then tape the inside toward the masonry.


You should use waterproof compression tape on the outside. I would not use foam as it will sag and may come off, better to fill the joints with mineral insulation. It is important to make an airtight connection on the inside between the window frame and the slope with Airstopp tape. This can be plastered later.

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