A solid cellular concrete roof as a hipped roof for an urban villa?

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We are currently planning an urban villa (exterior cladding 42.5 cellular concrete, interior walls silicate brick) with 2 full stories on a second row lot with a 100 meter line to the pedestrian zone.

Urban villas are usually built with a 22 degree roof pitch and a hipped roof.

Our idea for the roof was a 35-degree slope and a solid gas concrete roof with 2-3 skylights. Why that choice?

For one thing, we wanted to keep a reserve for expansion upstairs so we could expand the office and another nursery in a year, so the roof slope is 35 degrees instead of 22 degrees.

Second, because of the dense development around us, soundproofing is an issue, and the PV system is tightly planned. According to an architect I know, a solid roof should be preferred for noise and radiation protection reasons (because of photovoltaic radiation) when choosing a roof freely.

According to manufactor, any form of roof can be realized as a solid roof. According to my research, so far I have only found a solid roof as a gable roof.

Does anyone here have a solid roof as a tent roof and can help with photos, and does it even make any sense as we imagine it?

If it plays any role, we haven't yet decided on the upper floor ceiling: either a wood beam ceiling or a concrete ceiling.

  • The architect who wants to build a concrete roof for radiation protection reasons is in the loony bin in my opinion.



We visited an urban villa with the exact data described, i.e., a 35-degree hipped roof, as a demonstration house, and with my 1.84 I felt comfortable upstairs in the attic.


We don't know your planned home, so we don't know many details whose significance you may not consider enough. A tent roof and photovoltaics are not a smart combination. – It largely depends on whether you only have sloping roof surfaces on favorable sides. Aerial photos would be helpful, as well as cadastral plots and the like. What size lap floor is possible or planned?

You don't seem to know much about roof truss statics – at least it dawned on you that this might play a role. It makes sense for you to tell us more about your house and site. Without that, it's impossible to give optimizing advice or answer even the seemingly simple question of how to build a solid tent roof here. What prevents you from making a saddle roof or a single-pitch roof, which is also much easier to extend?


With so many PV systems in the country, either most of them have to have a concrete roof, which of course they don't, or the danger from them is cooked up hotter than it actually is, which obviously it is.

Either way, just because of the radiation protection, if any, I wouldn't pay a premium for a solid roof.

What about other aspects, such as soundproofing and airtightness of a solid roof?

As a layman, I would assume that airtightness has advantages over conventional roof construction, but I don't have the know-how to judge soundproofing.

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