The gap in the fire door T30. Is it installed correctly?

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I have a quick question for people who have installed a fire door, or someone who knows how it should be installed.

You can see in the photo that there is a gap at the top between the door leaf and the frame, and that the door leaf does not cover the frame as it does on the side.

Is this normal, or is the door leaf perhaps too small, or perhaps poor installation? The door only touches the seal at the top.

  • This is not normal in my opinion. 
  • On our T30 door, the metal sheet overhangs the top as well as the side. Visually, the design is much better.



This is ABSOLUTELY normal. I have a brand new T30 door in stock (I just checked) and it is exactly the same. The door has no "protrusion" at the top, so there is always a gap between the door and the frame.

However, the frame has a protrusion "inside" so that the door closes tightly. At least with the door I have in stock.

Since the distance between the door and the frame cannot be adjusted, the size of the gap is predetermined in the manufacturing process.

If you look closely at your door, you will see this.

Like I said, the door is in stock and is brand new. You can see that it has no overlap at the top.

  • With the hörmann t30 this is normal. It has to do with the construction. The fold does not go over the top of the frame.

About the same thing with our T30 door :-(

A buddy installed it for free, so I can't complain. If it had been installed by a company, I probably wouldn't have agreed.

But because the door only cost $120, so I don't expect that much.

Between the garage and the house we have a T30 RS (smoke protection). Everything fits perfectly and there is no draft. But it cost 6 times as much.


The door is not installed according to the standards.

You will not get approval in this form. The door leaf should completely overlap the frame and the seal should not be visible.

I can't imagine that the door and frame have to be together.

  • This door was installed incorrectly. Fire doors should be tight to the frame all the way around.
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