Wouldn't an extra window without roller shutters ruin the view?

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The shell is already in place and now we noticed that in the living room an additional window would be quite good for reasons of brightness. This is also possible, but since an additional layer of small-sized infill must be inserted above the window, in the case of a roller shutter, we would have a difference in height from the patio door next to it. In other words, with a roller shutter, the upper edge of the new window would be 30 cm below the upper edge of the patio door. And that looks stupid. So we thought we would leave out the roller shutter, because then everything would be at the same height. Window would then get safety glass and from the inside a blind. Question: does this disturb the optics from your point of view, if all windows and the patio door have a shutter and only one window none? Thinking back and forth all the time and we are not even sure anymore if we should leave the window out altogether. In the corner, however, it would then be "somewhat" dark. Even with external roller shutter or Raffstore the optics would be another. Just can't gauge now how that would work.... Thanks for tips



If the new window faces north/northwest, I would not take a shutter for visual reasons. The sun would then only shine in late in the evening and you wouldn't necessarily need shading then.

Otherwise, I think the possibility of outside shading (by whatever) is very important to keep the heat out.

  • Yes, the new window would face north. We can't take a shutter (except one that is on the outside and not above the window like the others). My main concern was whether it would look stupid from the inside and outside if the patio door had a shutter and the new window next to it didn't. I'm not worried about heat because, as I said, it faces north and has a blind at least from the inside
  • I don't think it's noticeable at first glance. If I look at my window here (still rental apartment) from the inside with the shutter fully open, you would also think there is none. And in the bedroom, where there is none because of the corner windows, it is not noticeable inside either. There is only no belt and the soffit is not plastic, but wallpapered. If applicable, it could be noticeable on the outside, mainly if the R-boxes on the other windows sit on the outside of the facade.

Don't be fooled by the brightness in a shell!

Recently painted our basement with white, it feels and visually looks 5x brighter.

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