Is it possible to paint paving tiles? How reliable is it?

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I recently bought a house, and I would like to bring the street paving in a decent state. The old owners seem to have laid what they picked up from all over the street:) it is multicolored. Put a new one as long as finances do not allow it. Please advise what you can paint it all. 




If not nailed down firmly – rearrange, organizing the pattern.

  • The thing is that it is all burned out, worn out, there is a need to lay all new tiles, but for now I just wanted to bring everything to a decent look.
  • The tiles you have in the photo are painted in mass (in the manufacturing process). On top – except that the matte facade paint can try, but it – hardly more than one season will live and in shabby form will look no less disgusting. So I would not multiply the essence…

If you want to paint it, there is only one option – road marking paint. 

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