What paint to choose to paint a log house natural moisture?

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Need advice from experts! Building a house of planned log 150x150 natural moisture is nearing completion, there is a question of choice of paint for facade work. What technology to choose the paint, and most importantly what paint is better to choose, so that after the first winter paint is not lost?

Ideally I would like to paint the house and forget about the facade work for 5-10 years. 



Treat with a temporary antiseptic for a period of drying (6-12 months). Any paint will come off when the wood is wet.


Important: The required humidity of the wood is no more than 20%. Option to leave the structure of the wood:

— Tikkurila Valtti material system: Valtti Pohjuste primer, applied in one coat

— Two-layer paint system, e.g. Valtti Color. Valtti Color is necessarily applied in tinted form.

* Average life span of 5 years, i.e. below.

Option of staining the structure of the wood:

— Valtti Pohjuste primer, applied in one coat. On the ends, it is recommended to apply the material until saturated, while the wood is absorbed.

— 2-Layer Coating with Vinha material.

* The average life of such a system is 9 years before repair.


If you paint now, after a while the wood will crack. And in the cracks will be the color of unpainted wood. What will you do?

Paint – you won't hit the color (the paint on the facade will have burned off by then).

I would wait for the wood to dry.

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