How to calculate the frequency of attachment of the wall plate to the reinforcement bridge?

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As far as I understand, many people do it this way. They put threaded rods into the reinforcement when pouring. And then they put the wall batten on them and screw it on top with nuts. This is quite convenient.

But here's a question – how often and what diameter studs are needed? Specifically, I have a building measuring 10.5 x 10 m, the roof is hipped with a slope of about 20 degrees. But I would like to understand the general mechanism of calculation.



Answer from an amateur who has to assemble a hip rafter almost single-handedly. I've already fixed the wall batten. I have studied roofing knots for a long time. On fixing wall plates to the studs, the conclusions are as follows. Usually a diameter of 12 meters is enough in all cases (even with the spacer rafters.) I connect mauerlats without nailing, simply docking closely. In addition to the studs accidentally bought with a surplus. Therefore, install them half a meter apart and cut the bar everywhere so that the distance to the free end of the wall plate from the last stud is always no more than 25cm.


You can also just use a 12mm rebar, if the reinforcement layer of the monolith is 35-40cm. Drilled 10 mm drill straight through the mauerlat to a depth of 25-27cm and hammered a stud of rebar. It holds even in AAC blocks. Well, if the wind blows 30-40m/sec, and hammered studs all burst and fly out. 

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