Can you recommend something cheap to cover the basement floor with?

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We moved into our house and all of the floors are already laid except for the laundry room.

Now I'm looking and wondering what my options are for the laundry room.

1. painting with concrete/cementing

2. sealing with 2K epoxy

3. tiling.

Since money is running out and the laundry room only has a ceiling height of 218 cm, we thought about painting or sealing. I asked the builder and he wants $800 for a 30 sq. ft. paint job with cement paint. That seems a little high to me, but we don't know much about it.

What option can you recommend? Can a non-professional do it themselves? We have a cement screed with a vapor barrier in the basement.



I painted 60 sq ft in a little over an hour. It's very easy to do with a big roller and a pole from a standing position. I painted a total of four times to make it look nice and even.

For 30 sq. ft. you will have about $100 for paint and maybe three hours of work.

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