What is better – cellar or big garage?

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What do you think of the basement?

In general, most people advise against a basement because it's expensive, dark (not necessarily) and only because of the party room and sauna or laundry room. Does anyone have any experience without a cellar but with a large garage? Is it really possible?

Where to hang the washing machine? Where to put the workbench+tools+bikes, etc.



The answer is as simple as it is complicated. The basement, of course, is much more expensive than the garage. A basement has functionality and, above all, a direct connection to the house. The garage, on the other hand, can serve many functions, including a workshop and party space; perhaps it is also connected to the house, but is more of an outside area. As with many real families, the price will be determined by the frequency of use.


I find the "barn" principle more appealing than the "cellar" principle. We didn't implement, despite the space and means, except for a 20-square-meter house connection room under the terrace, because we wanted to live with less stuff. In the old house, I had a basement and a double garage. About 70% of our stuff didn't move with us, almost nothing from the basement (except musical instruments and tools) or the garage. 


I would say: it depends. We have a very small lot, a large garage or garden shed is impossible, so a basement is a must.

The laundry room and sauna are on the second floor because I don't want to carry dirty laundry to the basement first, then take it outside to dry on the first floor, go downstairs again to iron it, and finally go back upstairs again. I'm not a fan of house plans that sort of have a gym planned in them.

We have storage, appliances, a workshop and a guest room/office in the basement. The workshop and daylight guest room because of the slight slope. I wouldn't want to do without storage space, we need it! Just because of all the stuff for our various mountain sports hobbies, it still increases.

Like I said, we had no other option on our property, but I could imagine doing without a cellar if I had the option of getting storage elsewhere.


Laundry is washed and hung upstairs or in the garden.

Garden furniture and stuff in the old above-ground cellar

Trash containers, tools, bicycles, etc. in the garage or adjoining room.

Jewelry, suitcases, etc. – Attic


In our garage (about 7x9m) with direct access to the house, we had a log warehouse (half) with planed tongue and groove boards installed in the roof area. It looks top-notch, and the storage space created (30 sq ft) looks like a mini-cellar.


From my perspective, it all depends on several factors.

— Real Estate: Is it even big enough for a large capacity garage.

— I wouldn't want to have a gym in the garage.

— Workshop for large parts. Can you even get them in the basement?

Everyone has to decide for themselves what is important to them.


The basement is often where you store appliances. You can't just move it into the garage....

Of course, the garage, etc., would require a proper floor slab and roof. If the soil isn't too bad, the savings won't be huge.

In my opinion, this is not the same thing. A garage has a different purpose and requirements than a basement.

In most cases, the basement is in a thermal envelope and the garage is not. I would place the laundry room next to the bathroom/bedroom/closet. The bikes are in the garage so they are easy to get to. I prefer to have parties in the living/dining room rather than in the basement or garage. 


The basement and the garage can be used in completely different ways. We need both and wouldn't want to do without them.

Basements these days, but in living spaces, then they are my favorite rooms. Light, bright and cool, they offer a lot of space. Such a cellar doesn't turn into a junk room, it's more like a garage then......

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