WHICH sliding door with mosquito net to install?

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We are deciding whether we should get a sliding door with insect screen directly from the builder (for $975) for our PSK patio door or whether we should do a retrofit. Appropriate kits can be found for less money online, but will there be any advantage if the builder installs it? Will he only be able to install it on the outside of the frame or in front of the roller shutter box?



With sliding doors it usually only takes a few days before someone encounters them. I would still recommend a hanging solution (such as a slatted mosquito net curtain).


I believe that a custom folding sliding door, with a smooth stroke, in the RAL color of your choice, is not easy to get. I don't think it's realistic to make one yourself.

The price is good for five elements. We paid $2,300 for two pleated elements for the door and sliding door in the RAL color of our choice.

However, for simple windows, I would just use hardware store products for the Velcro tape.


 In case the company installs it, you will have a warranty in case it somehow breaks the window.

But given the price difference, I would do it myself.


Have you looked at the manufacturer's solutions live?

We had an experience where the quality was so bad. Everything was sticking and would not move smoothly.


 We ordered a specialized company to install a suitable insect screen (like Neher). As far as I'm concerned, this is the only way to get something of quality.

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