How do I install a sliding door in the wall?

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We are planning to install a sliding door with 86 cm door leaves going through the wall.

The plan is to create a door opening of about 1.8 m. Then one half will be closed again so the door leaf can disappear into it.

Does anyone have any experience with Knauf Pocket Kit or Wingburg Cavis prefabricated systems?

I can only find something for full drywall here, and I'm not quite sure what size our cutout should be.



I solved this problem the same way. The wall opening is twice the width of the doorways, plus some room to maneuver. Be careful with the wall opening lintel, it should be higher than the standard height for doors. After all, you still need to accommodate the track and carriage, or the door leaf will have to be shortened. Prefabricated systems are good, of course, and I've flirted with them, too, but a simple track handles just as well.

After I had the door panels hanging, I again covered both sides of the wall with 50er drywall profile. The wall was 17.5cm thick (plastered 20cm), which then fit exactly (2x7.5cm drywall + 5cm gap for the doors).

  • This sounds like a cheaper solution. What type of rail did you use? Do you have a rail on the floor?
  • The guide + carriage came with the doors. Otherwise google "sliding door hardware", the choices are almost limitless. I also did a floor rail, which is just a small nipple that is subsequently covered by the door frame.
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