What is the regulation for installing seals on roller shutters?

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Now I've noticed a lot of insects (especially wasps) flying around my roller box. They must be looking for a nest.

Now I took a closer look. I noticed that the brush seal (I think that's what this strip is called) was set a good 2.5 cm away from the case. It would have been better if the brush was slightly touching the tank. This at least would have largely prevented insects from getting into the shutter box.

But from the front, the brush strip seems too "short." If it were 2.5 cm "deeper", the brush would catch the shutter curtain.

Can anyone tell me if there is a manual/regulation that governs what the brush seal should be relative to the shutter curtain. My roller shutter system is barely 2 years old!

  • I don't know exactly what standard has been violated here, but one thing I can see for sure is that this gasket is not airtight.



You don't need to refer to any standards. Complain about the defect as it is and as you can recognize and describe it as a consumer. 

  • The gasket is not functioning, which means something was installed unprofessionally. period.
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    To complain means: describe the defect, its severity, location and possible consequences. For example: the seal doesn't work, the door creaks, the outlet doesn't power the customers, the living room isn't warm. You don't have to estimate the causes. It is better not to name or suggest any curative measures at first.
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