What to make an apron around the bathtub of?

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The apartment building was completed about a year ago of red hollow brick, with interior partitions made of gypsum blocks. The walls are painted with some cheap paint that leaves water droplets on it, as if it gets wet. I have options, either pvc panels or normal paint. What I don't like about pvc panels is that you can see the mesh.



Would you consider tiles?

  •  I'm just afraid of whether the walls will crack, I heard that up to 5 years the house shrinks.
  •  It can shrink earlier, it can shrink all the time of existence. Given today's realities of construction – complete uncertainty. Put an inexpensive tile, take a little to spare, for possible replacement of cracked tiles, and live with peace of mind. And there under the circumstances, maybe after many years, replace it with another.
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