What tile adhesives and stones to use in wet areas?

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I have to do my own tiling in my house. Once in the hallway, hallway and kitchen, as well as the bathroom. There are solid floors everywhere, i.e., no wood beams or anything like that.

Question 1: Is it better to use flexible adhesive or regular glue?

Question 2: What brands would you recommend?

Question 3: Instead of tiling the entire bathroom walls, I would like to tile only the area around the tub.

See photo, I wanted to install something like this. Is it recommended to do this if you will also be showering in this area?

Question 4:What do you use to plaster the walls? Do you mix it yourself or do you buy pre-made plaster? 

  • Let's face it, if I had that many questions, I wouldn't do it myself. At the end of the day, the result has to be long-lasting. Many years! The laying material is also determined by the material. You need a different adhesive for granite than for natural stone, etc. Mosaics in wet areas in any case require a two-part adhesive, etc. These are just a few things and problems that spontaneously come to mind. 
  • Tile is something essential, so no non-professional should do it – the connection to the floor has to be right. You won't get a 100% explanation on the Internet. 



All I can say about tile adhesive is that a few years ago we tiled my parents' house with Flex tiles. The glue came from a DIY store. Now I bought the same one for my house and glued the tiles to the drywall.

Well, what can I say, the next day I took all the tiles off the wall. The glue didn't stick.

Then I bought some red PCI glue and it turned out great.

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