What cover to choose for garage floor – tile or 2K paint?

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We have a double garage attached to the house, including room for a workbench, etc.

It's a total of 7x9m. Need to do a screed, I have to say how high. That is, do I need another 1.5-2 cm for tile or not.

Now I have heard opposing opinions on tile or 2K flooring.

What is your opinion (preferably from experience)?

  • Are there garages with tile? I've never seen this before... Can they support the weight of a car?



Look for an Epoxy Thick Coat, you can apply it yourself.

Don't forget to purchase the appropriate hardener for it. Note that EP needs to be mixed very carefully, using a scale if necessary. And EP is almost odorless, but also very toxic and harmful to the skin, gloves and disposable suits are mandatory. However, when it is cured, it is harmless.


My mother-in-law has a tiled garage. The same tiles that were laid in the basement.

On the one hand, the garage is great for cleaning and sweeping; on the other hand, it's slippery in the winter because of slush. Personally, I wouldn't tile the garage.

Under the workbench, depending on the type of work, I'd also be wary of tile breaking quickly if I dropped a tool.

The floor in our workshop was varnished. It lasts quite a long time, not sensitive.


There are many options.

Tile or natural stone must have high slip resistance and be thick enough because of the weight of the vehicles. Not exactly cheap.

A 2k sprinkler coating is probably cheaper and faster. Mastic asphalt is also an option.

  • There is also paint for concrete. Costs less than 2K, but doesn't last long either. But might be an option to start with.

So, our garage is tiled. Regular floor tiles from the construction store, a little more slip resistant and not smooth. Nothing has broken since I moved in. Even in the winter, I haven't slipped once, so I can't complain.

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