What to cover a concrete garage slab with for protection and visual appeal?

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We have a smooth concrete floor in our garage. In several places, the concrete has chipped off in varying degrees, probably due to objects that fell on the floor during construction, such as hammers or something similar. The holes are between 0.5 cm and 3.5 cm in diameter.

My question to you is: how can I repair these spots myself so that the floor is as evenly smooth as the rest? Do you have any product recommendations?

I plan to "paint" or coat the floor slab to protect it from factors such as de-icing salt or similar, and to give it a visual uniformity. Concrete in its current form is "spotty", but that seems to be normal. 

My question here is whether a coating is recommended or not necessary because of the smoothing of the floor surface. What coating would you recommend for self-application?1



I can tell you this: we will be coating our concrete floor (uncoated) with 2K resin.

In my opinion, an uncoated floor can't last forever. Unless due to salt in the winter, the concrete will crack, etc. over the next few years.


Use "repair concrete", this material will be hard.

Then apply a coating (2K resin is a good choice), and you'll have peace for eternity.

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