Should I put carpeting in the sleeping area?

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I was advised to have carpeting in the sleeping area. I am very surprised because:

— I've always thought of carpeting as "cheap" flooring.

— Harder to clean, especially when it comes to liquids

— can give off fumes.

— you have another floor covering on the floor (different floor coverings in the bathroom and other rooms [e.g. tile and parquet/vinyl] cannot be avoided, but you will have tile in the bathroom, vinyl in the guest room, study, hallway and carpet in the bedroom. 3 different floor coverings on the same level.

  • I don't see where it is mandated that you have to lay vinyl on the rest of the surface, You can put carpet everywhere. 
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    I can only advise you to go to a big rug store and stand barefoot on expensive rugs. Secondly, it depends on how often liquids get on your bedroom floor. 



What about high quality carpeting? I have a goat's wool/wooden wool rug in my bedroom that is very breathable, but also very comfortable underfoot when you get out of bed with bare feet. The color tone is similar to hallway and other room tiles.


We have white carpeting. And we live fine with it. We are not afraid of leaking liquids and resulting stains in this room.

The carpet is very high pile, very dense, and doesn't cramp the movement of bare feet when standing.


There are huge differences in quality concerning the density of the material and, for example, whether the carpet can be laid on a concrete staircase. If so, it should be possible to bend it in at least one direction, and the backing should not be visible.

You can't get this kind of thing cheap. Carpeting on stairs is by far the most expensive flooring in the whole house.

If the carpet is only laid on a flat surface, it does not necessarily have to be as dense and hard-wearing as the stairs, but if you want to enjoy it for several years, it is better not to save money.

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